Ashley Mitchell and Donny Marvel are songwriters/performers from Caroline County Maryland. Having performed all along the East Coast they have managed to display their love and passion for music through original compositions and performing with the popular cover band, Ashley Mitchell Band. Ashley possesses a remarkable range and captivating tone that amazes audiences. Donny is a very talented guitarist who's songwriting abilities creates a unique and diverse style for the duo. This talented songwriting team created Rivers & Rhodes in 2015 and has already managed to receive award winning recognition for their original materials. Ashley Mitchell and Donny Marvel's original music possesses a modern Blues flare that has left audiences speechless and eager for more.

Tickets: Fall Out Music Festival

Tickets: Fall Out Music Festival

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Fall Out Music Festival at the Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia, PA 5PM

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Come show your support for Rivers & Rhodes!! We would love to see you there!!

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