My name is Donny Marvel and I am the guitar player for the Ashley Mitchell Band. I was born May 27th, 1988 and have lived in Ridgely, MD my whole life. I have loved music my entire life but my love for playing came when my dad gave a box of records at age 6. My dad gave me a box of his old records, which had a variety of music, but nothing caught my eye and ear like KISS. Ever since the day I heard KISS ALIVE II, I have wanted to play music and make it my life. 

    I started playing drums in the 5th grade band and started taking drum kit lessons not long after. I loved to put on my favorite songs and play along for hours! My first band experience came in middle school when I got together with a couple friends to share our love for heavy metal. We would jam on Metallica songs and try and write our own. The guitar player and myself became good friends and when we entered high school we tried to find others that shared our love for music. It did not take long before we were in a music theory class with other people who wanted to start a band. With the help of our teacher Dr. Thompson, we were able to form a good cover band to take our show out to local venues; Ashley Mitchell was the singer for this group. 

     After graduation, we all went our separate ways, but Ashley and myself realized we worked well together and should keep some sort of collaboration going. I had never heard a singer like Ashley Mitchell.  Her passion and dedication to music seemed to be just like mine.  Her voice was amazing and I knew if I continued to work with her we could eventually create something special. Before getting involved with any other bands, I decided I wanted to pursue my other interest, audio engineering. I had always enjoyed recording and sound, but never understood the concepts. I decided to attend The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts (S.I.R.A.) where I graduated at the head of my class. S.I.R.A. changed my life.  It helped me gain the tools to enter into the sound engineering field. 

    Now possessing the knowledge of sound and recording, I decided to advance my instrumental knowledge.  Along with playing drums, I also taught myself the fundamentals of guitar and bass, but for some reason playing guitar seemed to fit so much better than any other instrument I had ever played.  Ashley and I, still working together, decided to create an original CD. In 2009 we completed our first original CD, “Time to Shine.”  I produced, recorded, and played almost all of the instruments on the record, with the help of some other gifted musicians.  This was truly an amazing experience being a new graduate from S.I.R.A. but I feel as if it was a success and Ashley and I are continuing to grow with our original music.   

    I continue to strengthen my guitar abilities.  Although I enjoy writing, playing, and listening to all genres of music, I will always stick to my roots and be a hardcore kid for life! 


 " KOTF " - Terror